Thanks for trying out the beta version of the Smart Panel Schedule. The code is in active development and I appreciate feedback:

The Smart Panel Schedule automates the tedious process of creating, editing and maintaining panel schedules. No more spreadsheets or hand written, barely legible schedules. Electrical engineers, designers, electricians, or anyone who creates or maintains panel schedules will save time and reduce errors.

Create a panel schedule by completing the form below. The panel schedule can be edited from anywhere by scanning the QR code at the bottom of the generated PDF with a phone. Anyone can validate the version scanned is the latest. Smart Panel Schedule

Select the maximum number of circuits (poles) in the panelboard.

Enter panel schedule header information:

Asset owner.
Unique panelboard identifier.
Installation location or facility.
Rated panelboard ampacity in Amps.
Only three-phase supported at the moment.
Bus bracing rating in kA. This should be less than or equal to the maximum available fault current.
Maximum available fault current in kA at panelboard (NEC 408.6)
Upstream energy source; NEC 408.4 (B)
Size of incoming feeder cable.

Enter branch circuit data:

Click the reCAPTCHA and submit the form: